Mrs. Croil

Literacy Games

Division One:

Division Two:

  • Word Invasion- (practice identifying parts of speech; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)
  • Word Frog-  (identifying antonyms, homonyms, synonyms)
  • Verb Viper- (verb practice; to be and have/ present tense/ past tense/ past participle)

ESL Websites

Math Websites

Division 1

Number Concepts

Number Operations

Place Value


  • Fairy Clock- (digital and analog clocks; practice reading time with digital and analog simultaneously or separate)
  • Hickory Clock- (matching time with analog clock - pick the right one, and the mouse runs up the clock!)

Patterns and Relations


  • Money Master (Canadian money; can choose simple addition of coins, giving change, etc)

Division Two

  • Multi Bounce- (read the multiplication fact, then find the answer and bounce the ball off the correct segment)
  • Equivalence Demonstrator- (place the red markers on the numberline; decimals, percentages, fractions) 
  • Place Value Millionaire (set up like the game show, very fun and interactive)
  • Math Playground (fractions, algebra, multiplication, area and perimeter, percents, angles, coordinates)
  • Sheppard Software (basic math operations games - addition/subraction/multiplication/division)

Phonics Websites

Online Books

  • BookFlix - (Scholastic website - books that are read to the student EXCELLENT!)
  • Tumble Books - (on the computer desktops at school- no outside access)
  • Literacy Zone - (online talking stories, interactive and animated - narrated in British accent)