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Breakfast Program

Thanks to strong community contributions, Senator Buchanan School is able to offer healthy breakfast on occasions that student – for whatever reasons – have not been able to have breakfast at home before arriving at school. While the program does not intend to assume parents’ responsibilities, it does help us ensure every student begins their day ready to learn.


A variety of co-curricular activities are offered to children at all grade levels. Some examples of the activities offered are soccer, skating, badminton, sign language, crafts, T-ball and choir. Teachers and support staff offer these activities during their lunch hour. Participating children eat lunch at the school.

Nutrition Breaks

Children must bring their own healthy lunches, which they will eat in their assigned lunch room with Teacher supervision. There are no microwave ovens available to heat lunches; we would ask that only lunches that do not require warming be sent to school.

Student Support Worker

Carleen Meyer is our Student Support Worker who works with children, families, schools and the community to ensure the best possible learning environment both at home and at school.

Our Student Support Worker can help support students and their families with such things as:

  • Courses and information for parents on such topics as family relationships and finances
  • Special interest classes for students (i.e. child management) and school based clubs (i.e. games club, drama club, girls or boys club)
  • Leisure activities for parents, families and students (i.e. family fun nights, craft nights)
  • Supported referrals
  • In home support
  • Liaison to community resources
  • Breakfast program (for those students who have missed breakfast)
  • Semi-annual free clothing exchanges in the city schools
  • Support in accessing subsidized healthcare, educational opportunities and extracurricular opportunities for students